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Madballs Chapter 18: Attack of the Killer Tomadballs

Screamin' Meemie XI woke up in bed with his wife Freakella. His children Screamin' Meemie XII and Freakellen were still asleep thankfully. He turned on the television and set it to mute with close-captions so it wouldn't wake up his wife and kids, or any of the other Madballs. The close captions read that the town was being attacked by giant mutant tomatoes. He then tiptoed to the Madballs' collection of newspaper articles and read history on San Zucchini.

He read that in 1978, certain tomatoes mysteriously became deadly monsters and went on a rampage. They were fortunately destroyed by the Killer Tomato Task Force, led by Wilbur Finletter and also consisting of master-of-disguise Sam Smith, diver Floyd Bridgework, and German athlete named Mary Jo Nagamininashy. Even though there were still harmless brands of tomatoes, tomatoes were banned in San Zucchini and Wilbur Finletter started an unsuccessful pizzeria that did not use tomatoes in any capacity.

This, however, wasn't the end of the killer tomato wars. About a decade later, a mad scientist named Dr. Putrid T. Gangrene appeared and declared that he was the one who had been creating the killer tomatoes. With the help of his dim-witted but good-looking assistant Igor Smith, Gangrene planned to conquer the world with his legions of killer tomatoes. He was defeated by the Killer Tomato Task Force as well as Wilbur's nephew Chad, a harmless mutant tomato named Fuzzy Tomato(called F.T. for short), and a tomato girl named Tara Boumdeay. Since then, Gangrene created the Gang of Six: Zoltan, Tomacho, Ketchuck, Fang, Mummato, and Beefsteak.

The Killer Tomato Task Force continued to thwart Dr. Gangrene's evil schemes, but things got worse when the Gang of Six got stronger and overthrew the doctor after he finally took over the world. It was awful. Beefsteak seized control of Europe, Mummato took over Australia, Ketchuck conquered Asia, Fang took over Africa(but was unable to gain control over the Heart of Africa), Tomacho ruled over South America, and Zoltan conquered the good old US of A.

After a long battle, Dr. Gangrene helped the Killer Tomato Task Force destroy the Gang of Six and their minions using the African Tomato Worms. Unfortunately, the doctor then went back to his old ways and resumed war. By then, however, the tomato ban was slightly lifted where only killer tomatoes were outlawed. The event also caused Wilbur Finletter to cease his tomato prejudice and Phantomato and the Missing Tomato Link joined the Task Force.

Screamin' figured out from his research that the Killer Tomatoes war somehow managed to rage on to this day, so he waited for the other Madballs to wake up and explain what happened. Oculus Orbus then pointed out something very shocking about Dr. Gangrene and Igor Smith. "They used to work for R.U.I.N., like our old enemy Dr. Frankenbeans and the Care Bears' enemy Professor Coldheart." Slobulus asked what R.U.I.N. stood for anyway and Oculus answered "Research Unlimited In Nucleonics."

The doorbell rang. At the door was every member of the Killer Tomato Task Force. They introduced themselves and were then introduced to the Madballs. "My name is Screamin' Meemie XI, former ruler of Planet Sphere. This is my wife Freakella, my friends Aargh, Slobulus, Skullface, Dusty, Noam, Repvile, Dr. Oculus Orbus, and Horn Head. Also, these two young'uns are my kids Screamin' Meemie XII and Freakellen and those two are my friends Skullface and Dusty's kids Skullivan and Cleo."

F.T. approached them and played with the four infant Madballs. The quartet were very happy to be with their new red fuzzy playmate. "We came to your place because we knew Gangrene used to work for R.U.I.N. and that you fought scientists from R.U.I.N. before", explained Wilbur Finletter.

The Madballs explained their past. "Doc Frankenbeans was the first scientist from R.U.I.N. we battled", said Skullface. "He tried to steal our powers, but we kicked his backside harder than cement." Noam then told everyone to take the Mad Rollercycle, the Madmobile, and the Mad-Ship.

Gangrene expected their presence. He somehow revived the Gang of Six and was holding a jar of an odd red substance. When the Madballs attacked, he opened the jar and tomato parasites infected Dusty, Repvile, Aargh, and Horn Head. They were then mutated into Killer Tomato Madballs.

The other Madballs fought, but were worried about accidentally killing their friends. Sam Smith assured the Madballs that any attacks would only hurt the tomato parasites and leave their hosts unharmed. All of the infected Madballs were cured and attacked. Gangrene ordered the Gang of Six to fight.

Luckily, Gangrene, Igor, and his tomato cohorts were easily defeated and transported to another dimension. In gratitude, the Madballs were made honorary members of the Killer Tomato Task Force and honorary heroes of San Zucchini.

Everything was fine, until Screamin' found an odd wooden mask lying around. He picked it up and decided to keep it in a safe place so he could later ask Oculus about it. The only thing he found besides the mask was a letter saying not to wear it signed by a man named Stanley Ipkiss.
The Madballs team up with the Killer Tomato Task Force.
LoftyBalloon Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter
I always liked Wilbur a lot :) Although of course F.T. is my favorite!
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