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Requested by :iconmastervegeta:.

For reasons unknown, Minnie Mouse finds herself in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Princess Daisy, possessed by some unknown force, orders her to bend over, lift her skirt, and pull down her bloomers. After she spends some time spanking the mouse's bare butt, Princess Daisy catches her and knows something's wrong, so she demands whoever's responsible for all this to show herself.

Magica De Spell turns out to have been the one who took control of Princess Daisy, and she ends up getting spanked so that the punishment may fit the crime.

Sometimes there's just hardly anything I can do to prevent a comic request from being little more than indulging in the requester's kinks. I just wasn't cutting the mustard here.

The original proposal involved this comic being a prequel of sorts to Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers (unless there's another animated film featuring Minnie as a princess I don't know about), with Minnie taking lessons on how to be a princess from Princess Daisy and getting spanked because she was hard on her and wouldn't excuse her slip-ups.

I took objection to the fact that Daisy being that irate didn't seem to fit her character. The requester gave the counterargument that she was shown to have a nasty temper during losing cutscenes in Super Mario Strikers and that her personality in the main games was barely distinguishable from that of Peach's. In the end, we reached a compromise and made it so that Daisy wasn't completely at fault and had someone controlling her.

I had Magica be the villain because I haven't used her in any of my comics in a while. I also chose to eschew the explanation of Minnie training for acting as a princess because the concept made less sense the more I thought about it.

One reason why it pays to think your story ideas through is because I can't always fix the flaws I encounter on my own and story proposals with every single detail specified kind of make it hard to be creative and resourceful.

Minnie Mouse and Magica De Spell (c) Disney

Super Mario Bros (c) Nintendo
mastervegeta Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
It was nice,thanks a lot.
Conkerfan420 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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